Join us for the Inaugural 8U Jamboree at the "Maryville University Hockey Center!"

  • Friday, Feb. 28th - Sunday, Mar. 1st, 2020.
  • $400 per team (must register by Feb 10th)

8u Jamboree Event Details

  • 5 game guarantee (4 round robin + playoffs)
  • Top 2 teams receive medals and trophies.
  • Games will start Friday evening. Final games will start by 3:30pm Sunday.
  • USA Hockey Rules
  • Professional skate sharpening
  • Jersey Towels for each player
  • Bounce House (weather permitting)

8U Jamboree Schedule

Championship Standings


all USAH rules will apply except as noted below

8U Overview:

This tournament is to be played under the spirit of the USAH ADM model. As such the purpose is to promote skills while having fun in a tournament environment.

Maryville University Hockey Center and Chesterfield Hockey support USA Hockey’s Zero Tolerance Policy. Disruptive players, coaches and spectators will be removed from the tournament.

Playing Rules

  • Games may start up to 10 minutes early so please arrive in time.
  • The Tournament Director will assign jersey colors to avoid teams wearing the same colors. See tournament schedule for jersey color assignments.
  • All games are played 24-minute run time. 4 on 4 plus a goalie
  • All games will have a three (3) minute warm-up
  • Ice surface is 200’x85’, 2 game played at a time.
  • Games will use blue pucks and intermediate size nets
  • One (1) coach is allowed on the ice during games. Teams have the option to not have a coach on the ice and both teams do not to have a coach on the ice. Any coach on the ice must wear an approved hockey helmet.
  • A sound will occur every 90 seconds to change players
  • All 8U games will have one (1) official (who should carry 2 pucks) will be on the ice to:
  • Drop the puck at center to start the game.
  • Drop the puck at center ice after each horn to change players and after each goal scored. One player from each team is required to line up for a faceoff immediately following a goal or player change. Avoid any delay for celebrating or goalie change.
  • If a goalie freezes the puck or players fall on top of the puck the official will get the opposing player away from the play and the team with possession of the puck will be allowed to continue play.
  • If an official determines a player commits a penalty, he will send the player to the bench, without play stopping, a replacement player is then allowed to enter play. The coach is asked to address the action. No penalty shot will be awarded.
  • Play will stop for injuries and players will take a knee while injured player is being attended to.
  • Help keep the flow of the game going and avoid any unnecessary delays