COVID-19 Guidelines

Admittance Protocol and Facility Procedures

We have enacted the following policies for the safety of our guest and employees. Any denied testing will result in non-admittance to our facility. We have the right to dismiss any guest displaying unsafe behavior or is in violation of our policies and procedures. Guest and employee safety is our #1 prority.

  1. If you have coordinated a private rental please email the names of the skaters to 24 hours prior to your skate.
  2. We recommend each participant arrive dressed with the exception of skates, helmets, and gloves.
  3. Please enter from the front foyer into the Lobby area one person at a time unless members are of the same family.
  4. Athletes, coaches, and officials  MUST undergo a standardized health screening and temperature check on a daily basis prior to engaging in any sports activity. Along with the test they will be required to acknowledge a series of questions with a YES/NO answer.
  5. Have you experienced any of the following new or worsening symptoms within the past 24 hours:
  6. Fever (temperature greater than 100.4 degrees F)
  7. Cough
  8. Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  9. Sore throat, different than your seasonal allergies
  10. Loss of smell and/or taste
  11. Diarrhea or vomiting
  12. Abdominal pain
  13. Have you had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?
  14. In addition to the test in the lobby area, participants and spectators will be asked to verify their name for health and administration official tracking purposes.
  15. Please use the entrance door labeled with the rink name that you will be skating on. The Hartwig Kaiman Rink will be the far-left doors and the Shanahan Rink will be the far-right doors.
  16. Once inside the building, proceed into the designated rink. The staff member will know what rink and locker room should you have any questions.
  17. Lobby restrooms will be available for use. Locker room bathrooms and showers are closed.
  18. When the ice time is over, they will return to their original changing spot.
  19. When these spaces are vacated, we will then begin our sanitation process of these areas to assure a safe environment for the next group.


  1. Anyone entering the rink including players, coaches, parents and siblings must wear a mask. Players and coaches can remove their masks during practice.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times except when taking sips and bites.
  3. Maximum spectating capacity as follows:
  4. Falcons Nest/Balcony: 160
  5. 2nd Floor Mezzanine: 40
  6. Lobby: 100
  7. Hartwig Kaiman Rink: 75
  8. Shanahan Rink: 80
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