Pond Hockey

3 games on 1 sheet

Ice slots are: 6:20pm, 7:40pm, 8:50pm

10U, 12U, 14U, 16-18



  • No Goalies. Pond Hockey Boxes.
  • No checking
  • Penalty shot will be taken from center ice and must be attempted within 30 seconds of the penalty being called. Anyone on the opposing team can take the shot. The team that is awarded the penalty shot will also be given possession of the puck following the penalty shot attempt (regardless of the outcome of the shot).
  • No Slapshots
  • Players cannot fall or lay on the ice in an effort to protect the goal area. Such action will result in a minor penalty.
  • Goaltending is not allowed. A player may not patrol, "camp out" or remain stationary in the crease area and act as a goaltender.
  •  Contacting the puck with a stick above the waist will result in a loss of possession.
  • Saucer passes (i.e. pucks that are lifted low, below the knee) are acceptable.
  • If a puck goes out of bounds, the last team to touch it loses possession. During restart, the defender must give his opponent 2-stick lengths of space.
  • There are no off-sides or icing calls.
  • Goals can be scored from any area of the rink.
  • Referees will call out the score after each goal. This includes goals scored by players or awarded from minor penalties.
  • Teams must give their opponents 1/2 ice after a goal is scored or an infraction takes place.
  • Games will be composed of two 15-minute halves with a 2-minute halftime.
  • All games are running-time and substitutions can be made during play ("on-the-fly") or while a puck is being retrieved. Substitutions must take place in the vicinity of the player’s bench. There is no stoppage of play after a goal is scored, or after a penalty is awarded. It is up to each team to ensure that there are only four players on the ice
  • Setting picks in the offensive zone is not allowed. 


10U, 12U, 14U, 16-18


5/23/2022 - 8/1/2022


Jerseys will be provided!

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