Available Programs for 2022-2023:

Interest Form: 

2 sessions/week : $2,400 ($30/session)(80 sessions)(M/W or T/TH)(5 skater max)

1 session/week : $1,400 ($35/session)(40 sessions)(M,T,W,TH,F)(5 skater max)

Private Slot Reservation : Inquire for pricing and availability.

Solo 1:1 Off Ice Shooting : Saturdays/Sundays. $100/hour.

Register for off ice shooting : 

All groups will be created with players of similar ages and skill levels. 5 skaters max will be accepted to a group unless labeled as a “solo 1:1”. On-ice sessions are thirty minutes long. Off-ice sessions are 60 minutes. I will contact each interested family with details before a final commitment needs to be made. Please fill out the interest form or email me directly. 

2022-2023 SCHEDULE 

9/12-11/11 : 9 WEEKS

2 WEEKS OFF (additional/optional ice available)

11/28-12/23 : 4 WEEKS

2 WEEKS OFF (additional/optional ice available)

1/9-3/3 : 8 WEEKS

2 WEEKS OFF (additional/optional ice available)

3/20-5/19 : 9 WEEKS

2 WEEKS OFF (additional/optional ice available)

6/5-6/23 : 3 WEEKS

2 WEEKS OFF (additional/optional ice available)

7/10-8/25 : 7 WEEKS

2 WEEKS OFF (additional/optional ice available)

*No prorating for anticipated missed days

*Please fill out this interest form for on-ice training opportunities: 

Register here for off-ice shooting: 

Benefits of small group training:

  • Sharing available ice to allow for teammates and friends to train also.
  • More fun and engaging environment with friends and peers.
  • 1:5 max ratio still allows individualized attention each session.
  • 1:1 training slots are available when players need attention.
  • Small groups lower the cost for everyone.
  • Provides time to rest while other players take turns.
  • Group competition and motivation.
  • Allows for a greater variety of training methods using group members.

Benefits of consistent training times:

  • The player's touch and feel for the puck will improve and stay sharp.
  • Regular training allows the body to grow stronger.
  • The player's techniques are monitored and engrained through repetition.
  • Provides enough time to teach game-specific attack maneuvers.
  • Less stress on family and parents to rush results in an unrealistic time frame.
  • A routine schedule is easier for families to plan.
  • Provides enough time for a personal relationship to develop.
  • Provides enough time for coaches to learn a player's habits and style.
  • Timed and video recorded drills for measurable and noticeable improvement.
  • Consistency in other professional sports:

Benefits of morning exercise for kids:

Benefits of 30-minute training windows:

Brand New to Hockey?

Look at our Learn to Play Hockey Program!

Minimum Criteria

Skaters should already be playing on an organized team with an established organization/club. This program requires at least 1 season of experience.

All sessions and camps will be held at the Maryville University Hockey Center

Offered All Year Long

Contact with questions or to schedule your lesson with an MPI Instructor!

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